Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Napkins in 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Napkins in 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Napkins in 2021

Today, your wedding napkins may not be above your wedding planning list, however, when it comes to your lifetime event, they are something you don’t want to forget. A wedding reception is the time of enjoyment, merry, celebration, and time to party! Whether you use your wedding napkins for drinks, cakes, dinner, or a different cleaning, your wedding napkins will take you through the reception with little or no mess at all.

So now after the remainder is given, don't forget about the significance of wedding napkins for your wedding. In this view, we need to answer questions like where do you need a napkin at your reception? How many napkins should you get for your wedding? Should you get a paper or cloth napkin? Should the napkin be personalized? What should they say as well? Such countless inquiries to think of, just for wedding napkins! Don't worry, all these questions can be answered and all the worries of napkins can be solved with only a few easy solutions. 

Types of Wedding Napkins

Lunch Napkins - Medium-sized paper napkins are normally utilized for lunch receptions or brunch. They usually measure around 6 1/2 inches square.  Lunch napkins are generally positioned at the reception table in each setting or at the top of the buffet table alongside eating utensils and plates.

Dinner Napkins - can be either paper or cloth. If you go with a paper dinner napkin, they are the biggest napkins that you will use at your reception. They usually measure around 8 1/2 square inches.  

Cocktail Napkins - Equally called refreshment napkin drinks, cocktail napkins are the most popular paper napkins for wedding parties or receptions. Cocktail napkins measure about 5 square inches. Cocktail napkins are used to serve drinks at the bar during your cocktail or social hours, before the reception. This paper napkin can be placed at the bar for the bartender to include with each drink for every guest. For later in the reception, a stack of cocktail napkins must also be placed on the cake table for your guests to collect their pieces of cake.

Where will the different types of napkins be used at wedding receptions? Dinner napkins are placed at the reception table in each setting. If you decide to utilize lunch napkins or paper dinner, this can equally be set in any table setting. . They can be placed across the dinner plate if special designs, messages, or monograms are being displayed on them. Your guests can take it on the way back to their seats.

How many napkins should I get? It is highly recommended that there are 2-3 cocktail napkins per guest for the bar area. Cocktail-sized napkins are also suitable for cake tables. Here it is acceptable to have 1 napkin per guest because most of them will only eat one piece of cake. So a sum of three to four cocktail napkins is required per visitor.  If you don't use cloth napkins at your dining table, plan for a 1.5 dinner or napkin lunch per person. So, if you have 100 guests, plan 150 napkins.

wedding napkins in 2021

Should I use a paper or fabric napkin? Whether to get paper or fabric napkins can depend on your acceptance formalities and location. Your reception may include fabric napkins with your table settings. Or if you rent a tablecloth and other linen for your event, cloth napkins may be part of the agreement. If it is a formal reception, Dinner Napkins are very much recommended. 

Is it advisable for you to customize your napkins? If you are utilizing paper napkins anytime during your wedding after-party, is it advisable to get them personalized? Indeed, this is absolutely upon you. Customizing your wedding napkins can add one more unique touch to your wedding day. 

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