What's the Difference Between the 3 Custom Cutout Materials?

What's the Difference Between the 3 Custom Cutout Materials?

What's the Difference Between the 3 Custom Cutout Materials?

Who doesn't love adding a personal touch and some excitement to their events to make them stand out? Even though there are many ways to make your event look better, nothing beats personalized cardboard cutouts. These are the ultimate game-changers for both personal and professional events.

Imagine walking into a room and seeing life-size cutouts of your favorite people or even yourself. This would make a simple gathering into something you'll never forget. But have you ever wondered if there are different kinds of materials for custom cutouts? Yes, this is true. In this post, we'll list them and explain how they're different so you can make an informed choice.

Personalized Cardboard Cutouts

Different materials, like cardboard, foam core, and coroplast, can be used to make cutouts. But cardboard is the most common material for personalized cardboard cutouts because it is strong, doesn't get damaged by water, and is easy to cut and fold.

So you can spice up your personalized party or business event with cardboard cutouts of your family members, friends, or guests based on the theme of the event. The goal is to make your party more unique and memorable.

All Personalization is a reputable online store with experienced designers who can make life-size cardboard cutouts, even ones, to make your party more fun and memorable. For instance, we suggest putting cardboard cutouts behind a photo booth, stage, or cake table.

All Personalization also puts in a lot of work to make fun, flexible, high-quality, and long-lasting cardboard cutouts. Depending on what you need, we can make these cutouts in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Personalized Foam Board/Core Cutouts

Personalized cutouts can also be made from foam board. The unique structure of the material, which is a piece of polystyrene foam between two sheets of matte paper, makes it a great choice for both people and businesses.

Our experts at Personalization think that foam core or board is a good material for personalized cutouts. However, our experience shows that it is not as durable, thicker, or heavier than cardboard. 

So, foam core cutouts shouldn't be used outside because they can be damaged by water, rain, snow, etc. In addition, foam core can warp or dent.

On the other hand, you can use these cutouts as decorations if you plan to have a personalized party inside. Whether baby shower, birthday, wedding, graduation, or any other event, foam core cuts are a good choice for creating:

  1. Characters.
  2. Animals and Objects.

In addition, you can create custom foam core cutouts of your photos or family photos and use them as photo props or centrepieces to express your love and respect, allowing your loved ones to remember the special occasion for years to come.

Personalised foam core cutouts designed and printed by All Personalization are also an excellent choice for business promotions, allowing you to promote your products and services.

Our staff can produce foam core cutouts bearing your company's logo or slogan. So that you can install or place them in your office, booth, or store to increase brand awareness and attract your current and potential customers' attention.

Personalized Coroplast Cutouts

As a result of corrugated plastic sheets, coroplast has a unique structure and a fluted structure, in contrast to foam core. According to the qualified and experienced professionals at All Personalization, coroplast is heavier and thicker than foam core, making it an excellent material for personalized cutouts due to its durability and water resistance.

When hosting a private Custom Party Favors or business event outdoors, coroplast cutouts can be used to match the event's theme or décor. It is resistant to harsh conditions such as rain, snow, and sunlight.

The only drawback of coroplast is that it is more difficult to cut, shape, and fold than cardboard and foam core. In addition to spicing up your personalized party, you can hang these cutouts on the wall, ceiling, or entrance to impress your family and friends and set the tone for your personalized party.

Final Words

You have learned about the three common materials used for making personalized cutouts, but which one should you choose? Well, this depends on your preferences and requirements. For example, if you are looking for highly customizable and affordable cutouts, we recommend ordering cardboard cutouts.

On the other hand, foam core or foam board is an ideal choice for personalized cutouts but is slightly expensive and prone to dents and water. Coroplast, on the other hand, is durable and ideal for cutouts used in the outdoor environment, thanks to its excellent weather-resistant capabilities.

Whichever material you choose, All Personalization's qualified team can do the job professionally, efficiently, and accurately based on your requirements. Contact us today for more information, or browse our website to start customizing your cutout.

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